Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to Jamaica!

The Caribbean Association of Otolaryngologists (CAO) is pleased to welcome you to this our 27th annual Academic Conference, in Kingston, Jamaica. The CAO continues to bring together Otolaryngology practitioners from the Caribbean and around the world, an affirmation of the Caribbean Community spirit, as we share in friendship and academic pursuit.

Our CAO Motto “Know your strengths, correct your weaknesses” comes into sharp focus each year as we strive to maintain our commitment to share skills, and innovative solutions for our peculiar regional problems, and to learn from our invited, and much sought after speakers from all corners of the globe. We recognize that our own resource limitations do nothing to change the expectation of our populations. Medical standards are universal and patients expect one consistent standard of care, nothing less. We must keep current.

We look forward to the many scientific and technical topics that will be covered at this year’s conference, thanks to our world-renowned speakers, (many are part of the Caribbean diaspora) who have chosen to be here. We hope that all will enjoy the meeting as much as we will enjoy hosting you. Enjoy the warm Caribbean hospitality and weather.

Thanks to our members, regional colleagues and residents and friends who make this meeting worthwhile each year. Our Sponsors who have also made the meeting possible have stood with us consistently and we hope you continue to find it a rewarding partnership.

Welcome to Jamaica.

One Love.
Barbara Grandison
President CAO